Pain Relief That Targets The Pain Directly

Pain Treatment products from Bioventus include the StimRouter® PNS System, and the Company’s hyaluronic acid-based products for knee osteoarthritis: DUROLANE®, GELSYN-3® and SUPARTZ FX®.

Product Information

Targeted Relief for Better Patient Outcomes

Relief from chronic peripheral nerve pain is possible without drugs or invasive surgery when using a peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) such as StimRouter. The StimRouter targets pain at its source and its small profile allows the system to be implanted in many locations around the body, depending on patient needs.

An estimated 20% of US adults suffer from chronic pain and according to a report on chronic pain from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 8% have high-impact chronic pain that limits life or work activities on a nearly daily basis.

The process of chronic pain management is long and convoluted, including behavioral, pharmacologic, injections, and surgical options. Unfortunately, behavioral therapies rarely provide sufficient relief and opioids, which can be more effective, are highly addictive.

Neuromodulation has emerged as a proven method to target the nerves responsible for the patient’s pain. For more information including full prescribing information and clinical research, visit the StimRouter website.

Product Information

Pain Relief That Targets The Pain Directly In A Patient’s Joints

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of knee and hip pain, causing sufferers significant pain while limiting their ability to lead active lives. Bioventus’ revolutionary joint pain injection therapies are non-surgical alternatives created to work with the body’s biological processes, providing a natural lubricant into the joint that relieve mild to moderate pain, improves mobility, and helps the patient get back to their normal activities.

Many OA patients find that this synovial joint fluid gets weaker as this chronic disease progresses. By injecting hyaluronic acid directly to affected areas, our therapies are able to restore the lubricating and shock-absorbing properties of joint fluid, which are normally depleted due to OA. Unlike oral painkillers, our injection therapies specifically targets the osteoarthritis in the joint, safely relieving pain and helping patients get back to their daily activities.

DUROLANE, GELSYN-3 and SUPARTZ FX can be administered right in a doctor’s office. The procedure only takes a few minutes, and most patients experience little or no discomfort during the injection.

For more information about how our joint injection therapies can bring the pain relief and mobility to the patient, including full prescribing information and clinical research, visit

Patient Assistance Program

Bioventus is committed to providing access to SUPARTZ FX, GELSYN-3 and DUROLANE to patients without the financial resources to pay for the treatment by providing Patient Assistance Product at no cost. Learn more

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