About Bioventus

Innovations for Active Healing that Enhance the Body’s Ability to Heal

Bioventus is a global leader of innovations for active healing. Through a combination of internal product development, product/business acquisition, and distribution agreements, we will bring to market products which address a growing need for clinically effective, cost efficient, minimally invasive medical treatments, that engage and enhance the body’s natural healing processes.

Who We Are

Established in 2012, Bioventus Inc. (Nasdaq: BVS) is headquartered in Durham, NC. The company has more than 700 employees worldwide through its offices in Memphis, TN and Canada and its international headquarters in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. In 2021, products from Bioventus will help more than 440,000 people regain active lifestyles.


Established in 2012 in North Carolina


Employs more than 700 people worldwide


Works in 30 countries throughout the world

What We Do

Our mission is to partner with the health care community to help people resume and enjoy active lives. To this end, we develop and/or market clinically proven and cost-effective solutions for bone healing, bone graft and osteoarthritis that are backed by clinical data. The products of Bioventus are known for their safety, innovation, and effectiveness.

The company focuses its medical product development around three segments Treatments for Joint Pain/Sports Medicine, Minimally Invasive Trauma/Bone Stimulator and Bone Graph Substitutes.

The Joint Pain/Sports Med products treat the chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis. Our injection therapies that treat osteoarthritic joints relieve pain and help bring mobility back to the patient. Minimally Invasive Trauma/Bone Stimulator supports accelerated and more complete healing of bone fractures. Both of these therapies may also reduce the need for invasive procedures, leading to more cost-effective outcomes than previously possible.

Our Bone Graft Substitutes advance the science and surgical performance of biologics with a comprehensive portfolio of clinically efficacious and cost effective solutions.

Our offerings will expand to meet market demand to improve healing and contain healthcare costs.


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