Grants and Donations Request Process

Bioventus is committed to supporting educational grants, research grants and charitable donations that are aligned with our areas of interest.  If you’re contacting us about a commercial sponsorship opportunity, please reach out to your Bioventus representative.

When a grant is submitted, our Grant Committee will review your request and inform you of our decision. Sales personnel are not involved in the submission, review, or approval processes of grant requests, nor are they informed of the status of any grant request submissions.

Although each request is considered on individual merits, corporate grants and donations are generally not made available (1) to any individual, (2) to any for-profit physician practice, group, association or entity, (3) to any patient, or (4) on behalf of any customer or patient.

If you have questions regarding your grant request, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Injectable treatment for osteoarthritis
  • Bone grafting
  • Non-invasive bone healing
  • Ultrasonic bone and tissue removal
  • Functional electrical stimulation for neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation for chronic pain conditions

Educational Grants
Payment and/or in-kind support (i.e. product, equipment) to reduce the costs of providing third-party education.

Research Grants
Payment and/or in-kind support (i.e. product, equipment) to support independent third-party research which may also include Investigator Initiated Studies.

Charitable  Donations
Payment and/or in-kind donation(s) of product and or equipment for third-party charitable purposes, such as indigent care, patient or public education.

Each grant or donation request must include:

  • Name and address
  • Brief description of the organization’s educational, scientific or charitable purpose
  • Description of the specific activity to be supported by the grant
  • Amount requested and an overall budget of how funds will be allocated
  • Anticipated date, time and location of the event if applicable.
  • For educational grants, a copy of the agenda and identification of the intended target audience.
  • For product donations, a list of desired products should be provided along with the purpose and destination of use of the products
  • For CME grants, a Letter of Agreement


Submit a Grant or Donation Request