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Learn how 90% of users experienced a reduction in OA symptoms.1

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) causes the joint cartilage to begin breaking down, with the natural hyaluronic acid (HA) in the joint fluid reducing in concentration and becoming less functional. The progressive nature of OA leads to joint pain, decreased knee function, and affects an individual’s ability to perform daily activities.2

Curavisc is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), similar to that in natural synovial fluid, which provides viscoelastic properties for the joint.

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What is Curavisc?

Curavisc is a very well tolerated non-operative OA treatment, which also helps patients reduce their use of systematic anti-inflammatory treatments.1

Curavisc is indicated for pain and disturbed function in degenerative and traumatic disease of the joints, such as OA. It is approved for use in large joints, such as the knee, hip, and shoulder.

Effective OA treatment, simple formula, powerful results

  • Prefilled syringe with 20 mg/2 mL sodium hyaluronate
  • 3- to 5-injection regimen
  • Highly purified
  • Bio-fermented, non-avian
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Why choose Curavisc?1

  • Reduction in OA related pain
  • Reduction in difficulties in life associated with OA
  • Reduced use of oral anti-inflammatory treatments

In a large multicenter study, over 90% of patients experienced an improvement in OA symptoms, with:1*

  • 32.3% reporting complete symptom relief
  • 43.5% reporting clear improvement
  • <1% reporting adverse events

*Although the majority of patients in the study received Curavisc in the knee joint, other synovial joints were included in this study.

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To learn more about making Curavisc part of your non-operative OA treatment pathway, and to confirm availability in your region, contact our International Customer Care team: [email protected]

References: 1. Weinhart H. Treatment of degenerative joint disease with the hyaluronic acid product Curavisc: Post-marketing surveillance study of safety and efficacy. Orthopädische Praxis. 2008;44(1):37-43. 2. Altman RD, Manjoo A, Fierlinger A, Niazi F, Nicholls M. The mechanism of action for hyaluronic acid treatment in the osteoarthritic knee: a systematic review. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2015

Summary of Indications for Use: Curavisc (2mL): EU, Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia
Pain and disturbed function in degenerative and traumatic disease of the joints. Curavisc can be used for large joints, e.g. knee, hip, or shoulder joint. Treatment course of 3 injections, up to 5 injections.

Full prescribing information can be found in product labeling.

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