Everyone has a story and this page features Six Word Stories written by Bioventus Colleagues from around the world.

These stories are full of humor and heart. The people that work here are the binding fabric of our company. Get to know more about those that work at Bioventus by reading their stories.

Ken Reali, CEO

"Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent."

Cara Jarlsberg, Manager, EXOGEN Order Management Team

"Partner With Me and Improve Lives."

Kathy Mancuso, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

"Change is an opportunity to thrive."

Vineeth Varghese, Director, Strategic Marketing, Surgical

"Climb higher by helping another up."

Drew Zabor, Product Manager

"Be kind, have fun, work hard."

Alisa Galt, Associate Sales Representative

"Live a life full of passion!"

Kaela McDaniel, EXOGEN Sales Process Specialist

"Study, question, compile, discuss, teach. Repeat."

Ross Menia, Marketing Coordinator

"California Raised. N.C. Permanently. Always Learning."

Karen Whelen, Medical Coding Compliance Auditor

"Do What Makes Your Soul Happy."

Thana Al-Jiboury, Sales Representative

"Passion Is The Key To Success!"

Shelsey Wood, Associate Sales Representative

"Too comfortable? Time to MOVE ON!"

Dennis Gallagher, Senior Field Sales Trainer – Surgical

"Faith. Family. Others. Driven. Laughter. Hopeful."

Jane Williams, Supervisor Financial Services

Visit Different Places, Experience New Things!"

Michael Kiser, Senior Director of Manufacturing & Operations

"Strive for progress and not perfection."

Gina Dye, Payroll Manager

"She (or He) who laughs, lasts."

Andrew Hosmer, Vice President Sales and Marketing – Surgical

"Helping others be their best selves."

Mary Kenny, Receptionist

"Godliness with contentment is great gain." (From 1 Timothy 6:6)

Cindy Zamora Customer Service Manager

"Look for the best in everyone."

Kimberly Cox, Senior Buyer – Indirect Procurement

"Committed to learning for a lifetime."

Dianne Powell, Senior Events Specialist

"Animal lover, pay it forward, positive."

Ryan Kerr, Director of Market Access Operations

"Trying to avoid the hedonic treadmill."

Brooke M. Farrar, Manager, Sales Communication & Engagement

"Life's mission: Find Kidney for Dad."

Christine Trogdon, Senior Manager, Medical Education & Corporate Events

"Dreams don't work unless you do."

Michael Bauer, Trade Show Manager

"Navigate life, remember red right returning."

Tim Donovan, Vice President Health Economics and Market Access

"Thinking differently makes a difference everyday."

Mandy Pulles, National Account Director Market Access

"Secure Profitable Access for Bioventus Products."

Alana Vineberg, Marketing & Medical Education Coordinator

"Life moves fast! Be present today."

Michele Comisky, Sales Representative

"Home is where the heart is."

Laura Kryglowski, Sales Representative

"Long journey. Home again. Forever Passionate."

Vivek Munshi, VP of Marketing

"Be kind. Keep learning. Serve others."

Ben Fishburn, VP of Finance & Accounting

"Every day is a school day."

Sara Compton, Director, IT Portfolio Management

"Every day. A fresh beginning. Go."

Larry Boyd, Vice President Product Development

"Pay attention… Listen, learn and grow."

Rachel Goldstein, Associate Product Manager

"Travel well. Travel often. Always travel."

Bianca Bruce, HR Business Partner

"Heart’s in Texas, soul’s in Carolina."

Jeannine Nieto, Sr Manager, FP&A

"Basic Needs: Backbone, Wishbone, Funny Bone."

Elizabeth Seredinski, Associate Sales Representative

"Born among mountains. Succeeding on peaks."

Laura Aizkalns, Associate Sales Representative

"Every adventure requires a first step."

Anthony Doyle, Director Commercial Operations, Canada

"Work is fun. Family is first."

Adrianne D. Brown, Director Customer Services

"In this life, live for others."

Michelle (Singleton) Kile, Executive Sales Representative

"Sit tall. Gallop fast. Lead On."

Michael Riehle, Business Intelligence Manager

"From Data to Information to Insights."

Christina Campbell, Business Intelligence Analyst

"We are all deserving of happiness!"

Jonathan Han, Manager, Quality Control & Compliance

"Be better than you were yesterday!"

Suzanne Walker, Director of Sales

"Gratitude.Optimism. Strength. Grace. Love. Faith."

Steven Barringer, Senior Marketing Analytics Manager

"Balance is key to healthy life."

Drew Sullivan, Research Associate

"Idea of perfection, changed over time."

Ray Perry, Senior Product Manager

"I should have been a cowboy."

Cheryl Collins, Accounts Receivables Analyst

"Dreams don't work unless you do!"

Kent Gordon, Manager, Medical Science Liaisons

"He ran. He sat. He realized."

Dan Rindner, Director, Market Access

"Practice Tikun Olam – Repairing the World."

Angela Nasto, Segment Marketing Manager – Market Access

"Finding the positive in every situation."

MK Kottke, Senior Director Clinical and Regulatory Affairs – Surgical

"The greatest of these is love."

Derek Hurdle, Director, US Marketing

"Father of Audrey James- greatest achievement."

Lea Johnson, Market Insights Associate

"Measure twice, cut once – someone wise."

Neill Pounder, Senior Director, Program & Alliance Management

"Mistaken for a Spaniard in Wisconsin."

Mark Sargent, Creative Services, Art Director

"Google knows me, therefore I am."

Carole Skinner, Customer Operations Manager, Canada

"Succeed best by helping others succeed."

Kylie McGoldrick, Associate Sales Representative

"Be Brave. Rise by Lifting Others."

Eugène van Leeuwen, Marketing Manager EMEA

"Be invasive about our non-invasive treatment."

Robert Beasley, National Account Director – Specialty Channel

"Embrace the need. Be the change."

Geena Portier Director, Operations International

"Never a failure, always a lesson."

Kim Patterson Kelly, SR Director, Regulatory & Clinical Affairs

"Fall seven times, get up eight."

Patricia Howard, Director, Strategic EXOGEN Operations

"Driven collaborator who makes it happen."

Paige Haslett, Sales Representative

"Wake up, coffee, get things done."

Guillaume Chayer, Expert de Produits

"Habit is a cue reward mechanism."

Kelly Marshall, Product Specialist

"Sharing passion, knowledge. Coming full circle."

Kimberly Miller, Director, Reimbursement Services

"Always willing to help others succeed."

Phil Stead, VP of Sales

"Lead with purpose. Open up future."

Troy Bell, Sr. Area Manager – Mountain West, Surgical

"Perfect the craft, elevate the brand!"

Tony Garrett, Sales Representative

"My Family, My Reason, My Why."

Mimi Morgan, Accounts Receivable Specialist

"Confidence is the companion of success."

Kevin Griffin, Director of Procurement

"Don't take yourself so serious, Lee."

Dave Varner, AVP West

"Passionately driven to make a difference!"

Naghetta Ford, Inventory Management

"Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Prayer, Endurance."

Mark A. Smith Sr., Director Of Sales

"These are the good ole days."

Wendy Oakes, Customer Service Specialist-Surgical

"Be a voice, not an echo."

Sarah Clare Zachmeier-Kean, Associate Sales Representative

"Promote wellness, live compassionately, mission accomplished."

Molly Cooper, Associate Sales Representative

"Always taking scenic routes in life."

Stephanie Di Genova, Executive Sales Representative – Canada

"Nothing is ever out of reach."

Traci Clift, Executive Sales Representative

"Daughter of the risen King, Jesus!"

Steven Moore, Director of Marketing, US

"Saved by Grace. Called to Serve."

Sarah Caley, Senior Director of Business Development

"Authenticity and mindfulness – being fully present."

Carl Liebert III, Global Marketing Director – EXOGEN and HA

"Balance...elusive yet rewarding. Keep trying."

Bram Meijer, Director of Human Resources

"Making career aspirations real for you."

Shaun Macklin, Customer Service Rep

"Friendly Man of Faith, Family, DRESSER."

Anne-Julia Gagnon, Reimbursement Specialist

"The best is yet to come."

Camille Foster, Customer Service

"Observant, Dependable, Analytical, Courteous, Professional, Lenient."

Janice Taliaferro, Customer Master

"I will take care of it."

Kirsten van Klinken, Executive Assistant

"It seems impossible until it’s done."

Roxanne Anderson, Customer Master/Pricing

"Ask me once, it is done."

SuAnne Stobaugh, Customer Master/Pricing

"Family first, Spiritual, Detailed, Dedicated, Finisher."

Jack Koopmans, Business Manager, Netherlands Sales

"Grow through, what you go through!"

Stephanie Phipps, Art Director

"Do good. Feel good. Pura vida."

Simona Fineschi, Accounts Receivable Specialist

"Charm and will, bring cash in!"

Kerry LeBlanc, IT Security Analyst

"Keeping us secure, keeping you safe!"

Hannah Aikman, Reimbursement Specialist

"What are you grateful for today?"

Amy Culbreath, EXOGEN Sales Process Specialist

"Make someone smile. They’ll NEVER forget."

Claudine Gagnon, Product Specialist

"Positivity. I Win or I Learn."

Kevin J. Tanis, Director PD & Engineering

"A Question, an Answer, another Question."

David Osgood, Senior Strategic Customer Relations Manager

"Be Authentic. Connect Deeply. Inspire Change."

Bastian Navie, Customer Care: Germany, Austria & Switzerland

"First Day , Patient stories, True Believer."

Jay Ward, Senior Compliance Manager

"Faith, Family, Fitness…overcoming the odds."

Mark Harbaugh, Senior Director, Professional Affairs

"On a journey, exploring, helping, doing."

Jane Hern, Senior Manager, Human Resources

"My gift helps others discover theirs."

John Nosenzo, Chief Commercial Officer

"Anxious to Learn, Inspired to Teach."

Sharon Dearing, Senior Director of Human Resources

"Kindling people's passion for what’s possible."

Donna Harrison, Executive Assistant II

"Pride in ownership, day to day."

Kimberly Tate, Human Resources Coordinator

"Onboarding the new talent for Bioventus."

Jerry Gmetro, Manager, Strategic Recruiting

"My job, delivering talent to Bioventus."

Princess Pedew, HR Analyst II

"Diverse HR Professional. Love Helping Others!"

Alessandra Pavesio, SVP and Chief Science Officer

"A life outside my comfort zone."

Evelien Stiksma, International HR Coordinator

"Managing employee data effective and integer."

Greg Anglum, SVP and Chief Financial Officer

"Recovering accountant - atypically communicative and collaborative."

Rachel Wardle, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

"Creating international bridges for talent diversity. "

Joe Courts, Senior Benefits Manager

"World Class Benefits, My life’s Ambition."

Tony D Adamio, SVP and General Counsel

"Enabling business success ethically and responsibly."

Scott Petrie, Director of Creative Services

"My designs deliver clear, concise communications."

Leigh Ann Stradford, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

"Developing great talent-my life’s passion."

Tom Hill, Director of Corporate Communications

"Former broadcaster, telling stories for Bioventus."