A vision to believe in.

Bioventus has committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive work environment for every employee. Our company’s highest levels of leadership are 100% committed to these outcomes.


elevates performance.

Companies with equal men and women earn 41% more revenue.2

Our vision

The words diversity, equity, and inclusion are everywhere these days.


ignites greater trust.

Companies with the most ethnically/ culturally diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability.1

But behind the words is a reality too long ignored: we are not all alike. Each of us brings to the table a unique combination of knowledge, skills, values, and life experience.


ensures everyone is heard.

Diverse groups outperform groups of even the best performers at solving problems.3

We are each part of the ‘plus’ in Bio+.

Delivering on our promises to our customers and to each other requires that we bring our best selves to our work. And our best selves are always our whole selves. But we only bring our whole selves to the table when we believe we will be seen and valued for who we are—that our differences will be respected and valued.

That’s the purpose of the Bio+ culture: to recognize, embrace, and even leverage those differences. Because taken together with what we have in common, our differences can help make us even stronger.

We already know home is where the heart is. Is there a home for our hearts at work? We say, “Yes, of course.” After all, most of us spend more time with coworkers than anyone else in our lives, even our family and friends. Showing up with trust, goodwill, openness, and empathy makes us better people—and better at our jobs.

Let’s do this.

We resolve to make Bioventus more than a good company to work for. We’re going to make Bioventus a place where each employee can feel, “I belong—I am seen and heard, accepted and valued here.” We know that in doing so, we will become a more competitive, resilient, and vibrant company.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, Bioventus sends a shout-out to all the women who make our organization a strong, resilient, and fun place to work.

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Women are making history in every role, location, and level at Bioventus.
That’s why we celebrate Women’s History Month and honor our Women in Leadership Employee Resource Group (ERG). The ERG’s mission is to foster a community that elevates women, enhances their representation at all levels, develops their capabilities, and amplifies their influence across the organization.
#BioventusCares #WomensHistoryMonth #DEI

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bioventus.

To our patients and healthcare partners: We love what we do because of you!

Your resilience and dedication are sources of endless inspiration.

#BioventusCares #ValentinesDay

How are you celebrating Black History Month? The Black Employees United in Leadership and Diversity (BUILD) ERG at Bioventus is sharing some ideas with our employees and community:

- Support Black-owned businesses
- Read books by Black authors
- Listen to music by Black artists
- Tune into podcasts that amplify Black voices
- Represent and learn about historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs)
- Volunteer to uplift and empower Black communities
Make February a time of reflection, celebration, learning, and unity. Together, we are making a difference!
#BioventusCares #BlackHistoryMonth #DEI

bWell is breaking down barriers at Bioventus!
Mental health and neurodiversity are not always easy topics to talk about. At Bioventus, however, our bWell Employee Resource Group (ERG) actively engages in these conversations.
“We want to create awareness and remove the stigma around mental health,” says Callie Rozsa, Director of Sales (US) for Restorative Therapies and bWell’s inspiring co-leader. “That starts by talking openly and honestly about these issues. Because let’s face it: Mental health and brain function influence every aspect of our lives, especially our work.”
Stay tuned for more to come as bWell continues to foster understanding, build a workplace where every voice matters, and make Bioventus a neurodiverse-friendly company.
#Bioventus #MentalHealthMatters #Neurodiversity

On Veterans Day 2023, Bioventus expresses deep appreciation to our employees and their loved ones who serve or have served in the U.S. military. 
Their sacrifice and service make freedom ring every day of the year. We are grateful to have them as a part of our team.

#VeteransDay #VeteransDay2023 #BioventusCares

Just wrapped up Bioventus’ Women in Leadership-hosted event, “How to be a Confident Communicator,” featuring the brilliant Karen Laos!
Karen shared invaluable insights, wisdom, and practical tips that can make a significant difference in how effectively we communicate. One of Karen’s favorite techniques: If you find yourself rambling, stop, pause, and say, “My point is...”
Thanks to everyone who joined the event. Your engagement and enthusiasm are truly inspiring!
Stay tuned, because the Women in Leadership ERG is shaping up to be an empowering force here at #Bioventus.
#Confidence #Communication #WomenInLeadership @karenlaosofficial

A river runs through Bioventus’ new employee resource group (ERG)—specifically, the Wolf River, in Tennessee.
Members of our new PLUG (Passionate Leaders United for a Greener future) ERG recently sponsored a “lunch and learn” event with the Wolf River Conservancy.
About 60 of our Memphis-based employees attended, learning about the river’s history and its importance to communities and businesses. 
#Bioventus #Sustainability #WolfRiver @wolfriverconservancy

Happy Pride Month! 🌈

At Bioventus, we celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion. 🏳️‍🌈 This Pride Month, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community and reaffirm our commitment to creating a safe and accepting space for all. We have established a dedicated employee resource group, People of Pride (POP), providing a platform for LGBTQ+ employees and allies to connect, share experiences, and advocate for change. This network serves as a resource and support system for all employees.

Together, let`s continue to spread love, support, and equality.

#PrideMonth #LGBTQ+ #DiversityandInclusion #Equality