A vision to believe in.

Bioventus has committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive work environment for every employee. Our company’s highest levels of leadership are 100% committed to these outcomes.

If not now, when?

Throughout our history, Bioventus’ entire workforce has pulled together to deliver on our promises to healthcare providers and patients. This has been especially true in recent years, when we have faced a global pandemic, exceptionally polarizing politics, and terrible events that often underscored the unfair treatment many people experience.

All the while, our company has been in a time of extraordinary transformation, from gaining new leadership to acquiring companies with therapies that complement our existing portfolio to becoming publicly traded.

As we’ve navigated these dynamic changes in our world and organization, we’ve reflected on the kind of company we want to be. And we have resolved to be a company that respects, values, and leverages our differences. Because showing up with trust, goodwill, openness, and empathy makes us better people, better coworkers, and better employees.

We will make Bioventus more than a good company to work for. We will make it a place where each employee can say and believe, “I belong. I am seen and heard. My contributions are valued and respected.” Doing so will make Bioventus more competitive, resilient, and vibrant.

We are each part of the ‘plus’ in Bio+.

Delivering on our promises to our customers and to each other requires that we bring our best selves to our work. And our best selves are always our whole selves. But we only bring our whole selves to the table when we believe we will be seen and valued for who we are—that our differences will be respected and valued.

That’s the purpose of the Bio+ culture: to recognize, embrace, and even leverage those differences. Because taken together with what we have in common, our differences can help make us even stronger.

We already know home is where the heart is. Is there a home for our hearts at work? We say, “Yes, of course.” After all, most of us spend more time with coworkers than anyone else in our lives, even our family and friends. Showing up with trust, goodwill, openness, and empathy makes us better people—and better at our jobs.

Let’s do this.

We resolve to make Bioventus more than a good company to work for. We’re going to make Bioventus a place where each employee can feel, “I belong—I am seen and heard, accepted and valued here.” We know that in doing so, we will become a more competitive, resilient, and vibrant company.