We are excited to announce that Bioness has been acquired by Bioventus.

Bioventus Inc. (Nasdaq: BVS) a global leader in innovations for active healing, has acquired Bioness, Inc. a global leader in neuromodulation and rehabilitation medical devices through its innovative peripheral nerve stimulation (“PNS”) therapy and premium rehabilitation solutions. The acquisition includes the entire portfolio of Bioness products as well as its research and development pipeline. Under the merger agreement, Bioness has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bioventus, and all Bioness employees have become employees of Bioventus.

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About Bioventus

Bioventus delivers clinically proven, cost-effective products that help people heal quickly and safely. Its mission is to make a difference by helping patients resume and enjoy active lives. The Innovations For Active Healing from Bioventus include offerings for osteoarthritis, surgical and non-surgical bone healing. Built on a commitment to high quality standards, evidence-based medicine and strong ethical behavior, Bioventus is a trusted partner for physicians worldwide. For more information, visit www.bioventus.com and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter. Bioventus and the Bioventus logo are registered trademarks of Bioventus LLC.

Helping People Regain
Function and Freedom

Bioness Products

Bioness is the leading provider of innovative technologies helping people regain mobility and independence.

Bioness solutions include functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems, robotic systems and software based therapy programs providing functional and therapeutic benefits for individuals affected by central nervous system disorders and orthopedic injuries.